SVG visualizer

The CIF simulator supports several forms of output. By default, simulation results, such as the current state, are printed to the console. While this provides useful information, it is not easy to decipher the precise state of a (sub-)system. Also, it does not give a graphical overview of the current state of the system.

The simulator however, also supports SVG visualization, which allows the user to make an image of the system, and have that image be updated by the simulator during simulation, based on the current state of the system. This allows the user to see changes in the state of the system, in a graphical representation of that system. This makes it much easier to get a global overview of the system during simulation. Since the user makes the image, the representation directly corresponds to the way the user sees the system.



Below is a list of available examples of SVG visualizations, which show some often used SVG attributes, as well as some tips and tricks on how to handle common challenges. The following examples are available:

Furthermore, examples of SVG visualization are available in other parts of the documentation: