Simplify values

This CIF to CIF transformation simplifies CIF specifications, by applying the following value-related simplifications:

Supported specifications

This transformation supports a subset of CIF specifications. The following restrictions apply:

  • Component definitions and component instantiations are not supported.


No preprocessing is currently performed by this CIF to CIF transformation. To increase the subset of specifications that can be transformed, apply the following CIF to CIF transformations (in the given order):

Implementation details

The following is a complete list of the short-circuit boolean binary operators that are simplified (with x an arbitrary boolean expression):

Original Simplified

true and x


x and true


false and x


x and false


true or x


x or true


false or x


x or false


true => x


x => true


false => x


x => false

not x

true <=> x


x <=> true


false <=> x

not x

x <=> false

not x

The following is a complete list of the boolean unary operators that are simplified (with x and y two arbitrary expressions):

Original Simplified

not not x


not(x < y)

x >= y

not(x <= y)

x > y

not(x = y)

x != y

not(x != y)

x = y

not(x > y)

x ⇐ y

not(x >= y)

x < y

not(x => y)

x and not y

Default values are removed in the following places:

  • Initialization predicates of components (including automata) and locations.

  • Marker predicates of components (including automata) and locations.

  • Invariants of components (including automata) and locations.

  • Guards of edges.

  • Guards of 'if' and 'elif' updates on edges and in SVG input mappings.

  • Guards of 'if' and 'elif' expressions.

Predicates that are trivially equal to the default value are removed. If a trivial value is found that is equal to the negation of the default value, the entire feature gets the non-default value. For instance, for guards on edges, true, 1 = 1, etc, are removed as they are all trivially true (the default for guards). If however, false, 1 = 2, 1 != 1, or any other trivially false guards is found, all guards on that edge are removed, and a single false guard is added.



Size considerations

This transformation tries to simplify the specification, possibly reducing its size.

All uses of constants lead to constant (sub-)expressions, and they are evaluated. This leads to constants being inlined. For constants with large literal values, this may significantly increase the size of the specification, especially if the constant is used more than once. For information on how to prevent this, see the Simplify values (no references) CIF to CIF transformation.


Not all simplifications that could potentially be performed are implemented in this transformation.


This transformation does not process, add, or remove any annotations. The values of annotation arguments may be simplified.