Fixed output step size

The integrator determines the time points for which values are calculated. By default, those points are included in the trajectories. This means that they are also the output of the trajectory data output component. The integrator determines the time points for which to calculate values, based on the complexity of the ODEs. The integrator can be influenced using the integrator options.

Sometimes however, it may be more convenient to have the integration output at more regular intervals. Using the ODE solver fixed output step size option (ODE solver category), a fixed output step size can be configured. This value must be an integer or real number larger than zero.

This option does not influence the actual time points for which the integrator calculates the values. Instead, it influences how these results are put in the trajectories, that are subsequently used by the simulator.

Setting a fixed output step size, ensures that the trajectories contain output for all multiples of the given step size. They will however also contain output for the start and end of each time transition, which may not be at multiples of the step size, due to guards becoming enabled or disabled at other times.

If real-time simulation is enabled, the default is changed to automatically use the model time delta that is used for real-time simulation, as the fixed output step size. This way, the trajectories contain the time points for which intermediate frames are generated. If real-time simulation is enabled, setting a custom fixed output step size is not supported.